Attlee reminds me of nothing so much as a recently dead fish, before it has had time to stiffen.

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3 Responses to 19.5.42

  1. Timothy Marshal-Nichols says:

    OOOOooooch, that was harsh George. Even if Attlee was never described, never ever considered, as the most exciting of politicians. It’s like you were secretly longing for a jilted lover. And I’m sure Mr Clement loved you as well, in his own sweet way of course.

  2. I’m getting a very different view of George Orwell from reading his diaries. This is a revealingly bitchy comment, but made when the writer had no idea of what Atlee would achieve in the following five years.

  3. Yuan says:

    Quite scathing. One has to remember that, for all his fabled foresight, Orwell doesn’t have our knowledge of future events.

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