It is said that Molotov is not only in London but that the new Anglo-Russian treaty is already signed. [1] This however comes from Warburg, who is alternately over-optimistic and over-pessimistic – at any rate, always believes in the imminence of enormous and dramatic changes. If true it would be a godsend for the filling-up of my [BBC] newsletters. It is getting harder and harder to find anything to put into these, with nothing happening except on the Russian front, and the news from there, whether from Russian or German sources, growing more and more phony. I wish I could spare a week to go through the Russian and German broadcasts of the past year and tot up their various claims. I should say the Germans would have killed 10 million men and the Russians would have advanced to somewhere well out in the Atlantic Ocean.

[1] A twenty-year treaty of collaboration between Russia and Britain was signed in London on 26 May 1942.  

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1 Response to 22.5.42

  1. andrew says:

    actually not a bad estimate for the germans. hundreds of thousands died in the last couple of weeks just in Kharkov..

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