Orwell Diaries 1938-1942


Horrabin was broadcasting today, and as always we introduced him as the man who drew maps for Well’s Outline of History and Nehru’s Glimpses of World History. [1] This had been extensively trailed and advertised beforehand, Horrabin’s connection with Nehru being naturally a draw for India. Today the reference to Nehru was cut out from the announcement – N. Being in prison and therefore having become bad.

[1] Properly, Glimpses of World History: Being Further Letters to His Daughter, written in Prison, and containing a Rambling Account of History for Young People (Allahabad, 1934); revised edition printed, with fifty maps by J. F. Horrabin in 1939 by Lindsay Drummond. According to Inez Holden, in a private communication, Orwell thought of asking Drummond to publish his and her war diaries.