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Throughout the Orwell Diary entries, you will find links to external websites, the Google Map following Eric and Eileen Blair’s progress, and images hosted on the Orwell Prize website, all of which give more information about and context around the entries.

You can also find the Google Map and images below. Click to enlarge.

Google Map


In chronological order:

August 21 1938 – Diary entry (with newspaper cutting)

September 1938 – Postcard of the SS Stratheden

September 1938 – SS Stratheden Passenger List

Passenger List CoverPassenger List 1Passenger List 2Passenger List 3Passenger List 4Passenger List 5Passenger List 6Passenger List 7Passenger List 8Passenger List 9Passenger List 10Passenger List 11Passenger List 12Passenger List 13Passenger List 14

September 3 1938 – Dinner menu from the SS Stratheden

September 7 1938 – P&O Guide to Gibraltar

September 10 1938 – P&O Guide to Tangier

September 11 1938 – Eric and Eileen Blair’s deposition papers to British Consul

September 18 1938 – Receipt for rent on villa

September 19 1938 – Eric and Eileen Blair’s ID Cards

October 12 1938 – Bill for provisions

November 1938 – List of local prices made by Orwell

November 1938 – March 1939 – magazine cuttings kept by Orwell from Morocco


20 January 1939 – ‘Moroccan Travel News’

mtn1-small mtn2-smallmtn3-smallmtn4-smallmtn5-smallmtn6-small

27-8 March 1939 – ‘Radio News’ from onboard the SS Yasukunimaru


30 March 1939 – Breakfast Menu, SS Yasukunimaru


September 1938 – March 1939 – Photographs taken by Orwell in Morocco


September 1938 – March 1939 – Postcards from Morocco


May 27 1939 – Diary Entry (with newspaper cuttings)

27 May 1939

15 Responses to Image Gallery

  1. Grahame Wilson says:

    An absolutely fascinating insight into Orwell’s life. (For me, seeing and getting a feel for the minutiae of everyday life of an historical figure provides a rich contextual background and better understanding of that person.)

    These are magnificently reproduced documents that have been properly scanned at a decent resolution, thus are both visually pleasing and not tiring to read. The quality of the scans is such that one can even get a feel for the texture of a document.

    They’re a credit to the archivists who scanned them, I only wish others who put almost illegible documents on the Net would take heed.

    The whole of is website is an excellent example of the way the Internet should be used.

    My thanks to those who produced it.


  2. M. Carter says:

    I would like to subscribe to the Orwell Diaries but when I click on the link provided I only get HTML code.

  3. @ M. Carter – it should give you a link to the RSS feed – we’ll take a look!

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  5. Eric says:

    September 1938 – March 1939 – Photographs taken by Orwell in Morocco: thumbnails have no links to full-sized photos.

    Love this blog! Thanks so much.

  6. cliff says:

    whats the point of this?!?

    this is the web – you know, that internet thingy. Its well known for being able to handle text and images on the same page.

    Put the pics where they belong.

    on the diary page they came from!

  7. cliff says:

    also, explore the use of the crop tool, and post em as individual images front and back in the same image.

    you guys sure look lazy doing it like this.

  8. @Eric – should now link to full-size photos. Thanks for pointing that out – glad you’re enjoying the blog!

    @cliff – the images are separate from the diaries – so it would be impossible to put them on the diary page they came from, because they don’t come from a diary page.

  9. Robert says:

    Can anyone enlighten us as to the contents of “Yale pie” as in the P & O menu above?

  10. Stephen says:

    Excellent pics. I see the “one-ass plough” but search in vain for the dog skull.

  11. justin edgerley says:

    this is brilliant. i feel like i know him better now. amazing

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  13. English-Manitoulin says:

    Pretty cool that the diaries are being released day by day,
    even though he got down he never gave up.
    Even though he was ahead of his time, his works now create huge influence.
    Hope his estate fairs well.

  14. dingzhuo says:

    i come from China.i like Orwell.

  15. dingzhuo says:

    good,my reply is china,not everyone knows him.some right wings hate him bitterly.However,Orwell is hero in my doctor paper.i will study hardly.

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