The two papers normally read here are the Casablanca dailies, Le Petit Marocain, obtainable about midday, and La Vigie Marocaine, not obtainable till evening. Both are patriotic, more or less anti-Fascist, but neutral as to Spanish Civil War and anti-Communist. The local paper. L’Atlas, weekly, seems utterly insignificant. Yesterday (15th) in spite of sensational news of Chamberlain flying to Berlin, with which the papers made great play, there was utter lack of interest here and evidently no belief in war being imminent. Nevertheless there have been large transfers of troops to Morocco. Two of the French liners which run Marseilles-Tangiers-Casablanca were more or less completely filled with troops. There has been a large increase recently in the local Air Force and 125 new officers are said to have arrived.

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7 Responses to MARRAKECH 16.9.38

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  2. My father is beginning his senior year at a high school in Toledo OH about now.

  3. Raketemensch says:

    Where’s the SIEGE, Arthur?

  4. CAL says:

    Now Orwell is getting interesting! I was starting my freshman year in college, but I can remember worrying about a war starting and hoping we could keep out of it.

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  6. Carl Johnson says:

    Holy Toledo

  7. Jason Anton says:

    I think this shows the beginnings of his, “If there is hope it lies in the proles” thoughts…considering his language “there was utter lack of interest here.” To me it reads as someone who see crisis and also sees people who are/would be affected by this crisis ignore it for better or worse. This is why I subscribed to this RSS feed!

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