The pigeon has laid two eggs & is sitting on them.

Cold & fine. The Oued Tensift has shrunk to about twice its original size.

Three eggs.

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9 Responses to 23.12.38

  1. Leon Jacobs says:

    I knew the egg thing was going to develop a twist.

  2. spreelanka says:

    In case noone else was counting: IT’S A FIVE EGG DAY!!
    Merry Christmas George

  3. Jose says:

    No, there was three eggs, two of them from the pingeons, and one from the hens, perhaps from the goats ¡Who nows! Every animals are equals

  4. The cock gave everything he had and then gave out, his legacy now a pair of eggs resting under the hen.

  5. Ed Webb says:

    Christmas approaches,
    The grieving widow lays eggs,
    Time shrinks the river

  6. I. Wolfe says:

    It can’t be a five egg day. It would only be a five egg day if the pigeon had laid two eggs and the hens two eggs.

    (yes, I’ve already made a similar joke on an earlier post).

  7. The Oued is swiftly becoming as compelling a character as the egg supply.

  8. Dominic says:

    Pigeon eggs must be not much bigger than quail eggs. I wonder if they’re as tasty?

  9. tona says:

    The pigeon’s broody, perhaps Stephen’s right and those eggs are fertile. Will they hatch? Can we install a hatch countdown counter on the sidebar or something?

    I’m noticing he rarely says what he *does*, only what *is.*

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