Sharp shower in the morning, otherwise fairly warm. The white hen has turned up, evidently having slept out somewhere. Note that Innes has coppered over some of the chains, bolts etc. in his haymaking machinery in the same way as I did experimentally with the nails, so evidently it is not so impracticable after all. The copper where I attempted it crusted the threads of bolts so that they would not turn.
All the small pools in the woods have dried up. Note that on one a waterhen had built a nest & then had to clear out when the pool dried up.
Seeds formed on bluebells, hips forming on briars.
12 eggs.

[on facing page in Orwell’s hand]

To drill holes in Glass (according to “Smallholder”): Use small twist drill. Mark spot with glass-cutter, give a turn or two of the drill, then smear on grease, sprinkle with emery or carborundum powder & drill gently, not pressing.

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4 Responses to 16.7.39.

  1. George~~

    Thank you for your quick response to my request for glass-drilling instructions.

  2. The Ridger says:

    Poor water hen. We had a couple of mallards thinking they’d found a lovely little pond when we got standing water after massive rain. They, too, “had to clear out”.

  3. Roving Thundercloud says:

    Boy, that “coppering over bolts” tag is sure going to come in handy someday.

  4. timothyMN says:

    JamesonLewis3rd: you should really thank the “Smallholder” which was legendary on such matters. In fact the following year it had a whole issue devoted to glass drilling.

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