Beautiful still, sunny day. Last night not at all cold. Cannot make sure whether when shallots spring out of the ground it is of their own accord or partly done by the pigeons. Sometimes they are about 1’ from where they were planted. Dug 2 rows of the new patch, turned the compost heap, limed another patch, added one more sackful of dead leaves. [Total on facing page: 7.]

One hen is definitely broody.

6 eggs.

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3 Responses to 13.11.39

  1. I kept hearing this “BOING” sound during the night. The next morning, there were shallots scattered everywhere.

  2. The Ridger says:

    A foot? That’s rather far for a shallot. A full-grown Vidalia, maybe …

  3. Meanwhile:

    In Britain… The HMS Blanche strikes a mine and is sunk off the Thames estuary. It is the first Royal Navy destroyer lost during the war.

    In the Shetland Islands… German bombers drop bombs on British territory, for the first time, in a strike targeting naval vessels and flying boats. No significant damage is done. A rabbit is reported to have been killed.

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