Frost again last night. Most of the day sunny but not too warm. Some falls of snow or sleet in the afternoon. Grape hyacinths, what there are of them, now well out. Some of the shallotts° branching. Planted 28 lb potatoes (Majestic). This did 12 rows, or about 225 plants. Room for another 4 rows, so shall get about another 10 lb. of seed. Had to halve a good many of the potatoes, which I don’t like doing, & they were not sprouted to speak of. A few bad ones among them. Soil is not in very good heart, so, what with one thing & another, probably a long time before anything will show. Got place ready for turnips (room for 2 rows).

18 eggs.

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4 Responses to 16.4.40

  1. media scum says:

    doies he get to mention that there is a rel war on in Norway at any point ?

  2. Fay Shirley says:

    Maybe not, but thanks to JL3 we are kept up to date.

  3. Since it is Tuesday, I suspect George heard about the British 146th Brigade landing at Namsos during the night and immediately moving inland to Steinkjer. And that British troops also occupy the Faeroe Islands.

    I suspect that Orwell’s current state of mind is suspended somewhere between Inside the Whale and The Lion and the Unicorn where the news reports echo.

    In case anyone is interested:
    In my never-ending search for Orwellian Edification I ran across a 1954 BBC live television presentation of 1984 a few days ago. Peter Cushing plays KZ – 6090. I contend that Cushing bears a resemblance to Orwell. There is an eeriness within the aforementioned 1:47:30 other than the inherent eeriness of 1984 itself. It’s on YouTube; a better quality copy is available at archive.org [it’s in the public domain].

  4. BobRocket says:

    Re: JamesonLewis3rd : April16, 2010 at 10:51pm

    ‘In case anyone is interested:’

    the words ‘always’ and ‘very’ spring to mind, cheers for your contributions.

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