I never thought I should live to grow blasé about the sound of gunfire, but so I have.

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9 Responses to 16.11.40

  1. Stephen says:

    And by George, I never thought I would become blase about one of your diary posts, but so I have.

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  3. andrew says:

    excellent followup to the previous post! suckerpunch, jab – what comes next? eric, you always amaze!

  4. Steve says:

    Haven’t we had many posts about George being blase about air raids, bombs, etc? He must be talking about antiaircraft guns, not incoming. What took him so long to become blase about that?

  5. Don’t be fooled. Remember George’s prowess with a shooter in Barcelona, there’s even a public square named after him. He’s an all action hero there!

  6. andrew says:

    do they call it blair square? do they? i hope so.

    oh, it’s called placa george orwell.. how disappointing.. i guess they do have to speak spanish over there..

  7. Phil Barker says:

    @andrew, sorry, can’t resist a bit of pedantry: that’ld be Catalan, not Spanish. (But you’ll be pleased to know there is a Blair Square in Tyrone, PA (according to Google maps)

  8. Max says:

    There’s an Eric Street in Tower Hamlets, an Eric Road in West Ham, an Eric Close in Startford East and a Blair Square in Poplar – all in the East End where GO once worked as a volunteer down-and-out. There’s an Animal Farm in Southwark, a St Cyprian’s Street in Wandsworth, and an Orwell Close in Windsor just a short walk for a man with long legs from Eton. Perhaps the English are a more literate people than they sometimes imagine.

  9. Steve says:

    The sound of gunfire
    off in the distance
    I’m gettin’ used to it now
    This ain’t no party

    –The Talking Heads

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