Warm. Ground is very dry. Fly is in the turnips. Many apples forming. Strawberries should be netted about a fortnight from now.
Titly° has potatoes already earthed up. He says Catriona do not keep well for seed but store all right if gently treated. Blue flax in bloom. Some gooseberries almost ready to pick. Of the other batch of eggs 5 chicks have hatched; expected none, as the eggs had been about 3 weeks before a hen was found, & then the hen left them after a week & another had to be found to be put on them.
Planted antirhynums°.
14 eggs

N.B. 12.4.-26.5 (inc.) 550 eggs (26 hens.)

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2 Responses to 26.5.39.

  1. sander says:

    Exciting -_-

  2. The Ridger says:

    Those are pretty hardy chickens he’s raising.

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