It is drying, but very slowly. Again a few showers. Sorted out potatoes, of which at least a third have rotted owing to frost. However if the remaining ones don’t rot there are enough to last several months at present rate of consumption. Dug a little more. A little aubretia beginning to flower. A few scillas also. Perennials all budding pretty strongly. No. of eggs in waterglass about 100.

16 eggs.

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4 Responses to 21.3.40

  1. Stephen says:

    Counting eggs now covers daily as they come off the production line fresh, and less frequently as they go through the preservationprocess.

    Thank God he is not counting potatoes as well (though I reckon he did, under his breath, as he was sorting them out in the laundry).

  2. Phil Barker says:

    Mmm, I wonder if George has grown potatoes before: he may have enough to last several months, but they will be sprouting very soon, and won’t be edible for more than a couple of months.

  3. How slowly is “It” drying, I wonder: What is the ratio between the current evaporation rate as opposed to a more “normal” rate?

    [“present rate of consumption” * “several months” = potato count]

    Since it is Thursday, Paul Reynaud forms the new government of France.

    Ratifications of the Moscow Peace Treaty were exchanged today.

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