Foreign & General
1. Public Information Leaflet no.3 (evacuation) issued today. Never less than 4 searchlights visible at night from this village. [No reference]
2. News from Danzig seems to indicate that all there expect Danzig to fall into German hands in near future. Daily Telegraph [a]
3. France said to be in favour of acceptance of Russian terms for Anglo-Russian pact, which have not been altered re. The Baltic States. Daily Telegraph [b]
1. One of the editors of Humanité questioned by the Paris police with ref. to spy revelations, but no indication from report whether merely in advisory capacity or under suspicion of complicity. Daily Telegraph [c]
2. Recent W.O. regulation has forbidden army officers to resign their commissions & seemingly steps are being taken to prevent N.C.Ss buying out from the service (present cost £35). Daily Telegraph [d]

[a]Daily Telegraph 20-7-39 Page 1 [b]Daily Telegraph 20-7-39 Page 11-1 [c]Daily Telegraph 20-7-39 Page 11-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 20-7-39 Page 13

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2 Responses to 20.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    Leaflets, searchlights and officers forbidden to discharge themselves. It can only end in tears.


  2. An example of this waning enthusiasm was noticed when Dr. Goebbels, German Propaganda Minister, visited Danzig on June 18. A large space was cleared in front of the railway station to accommodate the cheering citizens but it remained practically empty, the citizens having gone to the seaside resorts.

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