Hard frost in the night & the roads very slippery this morning. Today fairly sunny & warm. Thawing fast, but most of the grass still covered with snow. A few blue crocuses appearing.

16 eggs.

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6 Responses to 15.3.40

  1. Stephen says:

    “16 eggs”. Same as yesterday.
    I take it then, that we are still counting eggs.
    This will be referred to as “New Series” running from 13/3/40 through to — when?

  2. The Ridger says:

    Eggs! He can’t quit them (fortunately). I guess he merely meant he’d have to start over – the New Series, as you say.

  3. 16 eggs? He has quite the operation running now.

  4. islands says:

    So glad he’s abandoned his plan to abandon the eggcount

  5. Even though Mr. Blair has closed-out The Egg-Account Book, the hens sit atop a relentless avalanche of eggs which he must not allow to go to waste under any circumstances.

    I’m assuming that, while he has been noticing the crocuses, Eric has also been sorting and storing these eggs in appropriately labelled containers so as to later—at precisely the right moment—submerge them (thus, both chilling and hermetically sealing them, I suppose) in appropriately labelled miscellaneous containers of water which are now occupying large portions of floor space. He does this, of course, between coughing fits.

    I tried to tell him to pickle 10-15 score of the greener eggs (for starters) to make floor space for some steel barrels, but he acted like he couldn’t hear me.

    Meanwhile, during the night (March 15-16), RAF bombers drop leaflets over Warsaw. During the return flight, a British Whitley bomber, low on fuel, lands by mistake in a field in western Germany. The crew encounter and speak to some local inhabitants before taking off again before German authorities arrive. Some small arms fire is reported.

  6. wordsmithsuk says:

    Glad to see the hens are still laying well despite the cold weather. Hope Eric is fond of omelettes, quiche, egg custard etc.

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