A very few drops of rain last night. Today cold & windy. Sowed peas (next lot to be sown about 25th).

17 eggs. Sold 1 score @ 2/-, 1 score @ 2/6 (? milkman).

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5 Responses to 10.4.40

  1. I wonder if “(? milkman)” means he fronted the eggs to the milkman or if it means that, while sowing Pea Lot #1, he might have spotted a hitherto unknown species of superhero or…..

  2. He’s sold eggs through the milkman before; one wonders whether the milkman is accepting eggs on consignment

    I wonder who he sold the other score @ 2/- — perhaps a neighbour or friend? Or more official channels? Is the milkman getting more for eggs by getting around rationing?

  3. p.s. only one month before the invasion of the Low Countries and France begins, and no sense yet of what is to come…

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